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France Geography


This is a list of rivers that are at least partially in France. The rivers are grouped by sea or ocean. The rivers flowing into the sea are sorted along the coast.

Rivers flowing into other rivers are listed by the rivers they flow into.

Some rivers (e.g. Sûre/Sauer) do not flow through France themselves, but they are mentioned for having French tributaries. They are given in italics.

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North Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted north-east (Netherlands) to south-west (Calais).

  • Rhine/Rhin (main branch at Hoek van Holland, Netherlands)

    • Moselle (in Koblenz, Germany)

      • Saar/Sarre (near Konz, Germany)

        • Blies (in Sarreguemines)

      • Sauer/Sûre (in Wasserbillig, Luxembourg)

        • Alzette (in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg)

      • Orne (Lorraine) (near Mondelange)

      • Seille (in Metz)

      • Meurthe (in Frouard)

    • Sauer (in Seltz)

    • Ill (near Strasbourg)

      • Thur (near Ensisheim)

      • Doller (near Mulhouse)

    • Birsig (in Basel, Switzerland)

  • Meuse (main branch near Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands)

    • Sambre (in Namur, Belgium)

    • Semois/Semoy (in Monthermé)

    • Bar (near Dom-le-Mesnil)

    • Chiers (in Bazeilles)

  • Scheldt/Escaut (near Flushing, Netherlands)

    • Lys (in Ghent, Belgium)

      • Deûle (in Warneton, Belgium)

        • Marque (in Wasquehal)

        • Souchez (in Lens)

          • Carency (in Souchez)

          • Saint-Nazaire (in Souchez)

      • Laquette (in Aire-sur-la-Lys)

      • Lawe (in La Gorgue-Estaires)

      • Clarence (in Merville)

    • Scarpe (in Mortagne-du-Nord)

      • Crinchon (..)

      • Ugy (..)

    • Rhonelle (in Valenciennes)

    • Écaillon (in Thiant)

    • Selle (in Denain)

    • Sensée (in Bouchain)

      • Hirondelle (..)

    • Erclin (in Iwuy)

    • Eauette (in Marcoing)

  • Yser (in Nieuwpoort, Belgium)

  • Aa (in Gravelines)

The Channel

The rivers in this section are sorted east (Calais) to west (Brest).

  • Canche (in Étaples)

  • Authie (near Berck)

  • Somme (near Abbeville)

    • Noye (in Amiens)

  • Bresle (in Le Tréport)

  • Veules (in Veules-les-Roses)

  • Seine (in Le Havre)

    • Risle or Rille (in Berville-sur-Mer)

      • Charentonne (near Bernay)

    • Cailly (in Rouen)

    • Aubette (Rouen) (in Rouen)

      • Robec (in Rouen)

    • Eure (in Pont-de-l'Arche)

      • Iton (near Louviers)

      • Avre (near Dreux)

    • Epte (near Vernon)

      • Aubette de Magny (in Bray-et-Lû)

    • Aubette de Meulan (in Meulan)

    • Oise (in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, west of Paris)

      • Aisne (in Compiègne)

        • Vesle (in Condé-sur-Aisne)

        • Aire (near Grandpré)

    • Bièvre (in Paris)

    • Marne (in Ivry-sur-Seine, south-east of Paris)

      • Grand Morin (near Meaux)

      • Ourcq (near Lizy-sur-Ourcq)

      • Petit Morin (in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre)

      • Saulx (in Vitry-le-François)

        • Ornain (in Pargny-sur-Saulx)

    • Orge (in Athis-Mons)

      • Yvette (in Épinay-sur-Orge)

    • Essonne (in Corbeil-Essonnes)

    • Loing (near Moret-sur-Loing)

      • Puiseaux (in Montargis)

    • Yonne (in Montereau-Fault-Yonne)

      • Armançon (in Migennes)

      • Cure (near Vermenton)

    • Aube (near Romilly-sur-Seine)

      • Aubette (Côte d'Or) (near Dancevoir)

  • Touques (in Deauville)

  • Dives (in Cabourg)

  • Orne (in Ouistreham)

    • Odon (in Caen)

  • Vire (in Isigny-sur-Mer)

  • Sélune (near Avranches)

  • Couesnon (near Mont Saint Michel)

  • Rance (in Saint-Malo)

Atlantic Ocean

The rivers in this section are sorted north (Brest) to south (Spain).

  • Aulne (near Brest)

  • Odet (near Quimper)

  • Blavet (in Lorient)

  • Vilaine (in Pénestin)

    • Oust (in Redon)

    • Ille (in Rennes)

  • Loire (in Saint-Nazaire)

    • Sèvre Nantaise (in Nantes)

    • Erdre (in Nantes)

    • Maine (near Angers)

      • Mayenne (near Angers)

      • Sarthe (near Angers)

        • Loir (north of Angers)

          • Braye (in Pont-de-Braye)

          • Aigre (near Cloyes-sur-le-Loir)

          • Yerre (near Cloyes-sur-le-Loir)

          • Conie (near Châteaudun)

          • Ozanne (in Bonneval)

        • Huisne (in Le Mans)

    • Vienne (in Candes-Saint-Martin)

      • Creuse (north of Châtellerault)

        • Gartempe (in La Roche-Posay)

      • Clain (in Châtellerault)

    • Indre (east of Candes-Saint-Martin)

    • Cher (in Villandry)

      • Sauldre (in Selles-sur-Cher)

      • Arnon (near Vierzon)

      • Yèvre (in Vierzon)

    • Beuvron (in Chaumont-sur-Loire)

    • Loiret (in Orléans)

    • Allier (near Nevers)

      • Sioule (near Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule)

      • Dore (near Puy-Guillaume)

      • Allagnon (near Jumeaux)

      • Ance (in Monistrol-d'Allier)

    • Acolin (near Decize)

    • Besbre (near Dompierre-sur-Besbre)

    • Arroux (in Digoin)

    • Furan (in Andrézieux-Bouthéon)

  • Sèvre Niortaise (north of La Rochelle)

    • Vendée (in Marans)

  • Charente (near Rochefort)

  • Seudre (in Marennes)

  • Garonne (into the Gironde estuary near Ambès)

    • Dordogne (near Ambès)

      • Isle (in Libourne)

        • Dronne (near Libourne)

      • Vézère (near Le Bugue)

        • Corrèze (in Brive-la-Gaillarde)

      • Ouysse (in Lacave)

        • Alzou (near Rocamadour)

      • Cère (near Bretenoux)

    • Lot (near Aiguillon)

      • Lède (near Villeneuve-sur-Lot)

      • Lémance (in Fumel)

      • Célé (near Cabrerets)

      • Truyère (in Entraygues-sur-Truyère)

      • Bramont (near Mende)

    • Baïse (near Aiguillon)

    • Gers (near Agen)

    • Tarn (near Castelsarassin)

      • Aveyron (near Montauban)

        • Viaur (in Laguépie)

      • Agout (in Saint-Sulpice)

      • Dourbie (in Millau)

      • Tarnon (in Florac)

    • Gimone (near Castelsarassin)

    • Save (in Grenade)

    • Ariège (in Toulouse)

      • Hers (in Cintegabelle)

    • Volp (in Cazères)

  • Adour (in Bayonne)

    • Gave de Pau (near Peyrehorade)

      • Gave d'Oloron (in Peyrehorade)

    • Arros (near Riscle)

    • Échez (in Maubourguet)

  • Bidasoa (in Hendaye)

Mediterranean Sea

The rivers in this section are sorted west (Spain) to east (Italy).

  • Tech (near Argelès-sur-Mer)

  • Têt (near Perpignan)

  • Aude (near Narbonne)

  • Orb (in Valras-Plage)

  • Hérault (near Agde)

  • Vidourle (in Le Grau-du-Roi)

  • Rhône (in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône)

    • Gard or Gardon (in Beaucaire)

    • Durance (in Avignon)

      • Verdon (in Saint-Paul-lès-Durance)

    • Ouvèze (near Avignon)

    • Ardèche (in Pont-Saint-Esprit)

    • Drôme (in Loriol-sur-Drôme)

    • Isère (near Valence)

      • Arc (near Albertville)

      • Arly (in Albertville)

        • Arrondine

        • Chaise (in Ugine)

        • Flon

        • Doron de Beaufort

      • Drac (in Grenoble)

        • Romanche (near Vizille)

    • Saône (in Lyon)

      • Azergues (in Anse)

        • Brévenne (in Lozanne)

      • Reyssouze (near Pont-de-Vaux)

      • Doubs (in Verdun-sur-le-Doubs)

        • Loue (near Dole)

        • Allan (in Montbéliard)

          • Bourbeuse (near Bourogne)

            • Madeleine River (in Bretagne (Belfort))

            • Saint-Nicolas (in Bretagne (Belfort))

      • Ouche (in Saint-Jean-de-Losne)

      • Tille (in Les Maillys)

      • Ognon (in Pontailler-sur-Saône)

    • Ain (near Pont-de-Chéruy)

    • Arve (in Geneva, Switzerland)

      • Arveyron (in Chamonix)

  • Arc (near Berre-l'Étang via the Étang de Berre lagoon)

  • Argens (in Fréjus)

  • Var (near Nice)

on Corsica

  • Golo (near Bastia)


  • Bray-de-Lû

  • Leyre

  • Nonette

  • Trieux

Alphabetical list

A - C
Aa, Acolin, Adour, Agout, Aigre, Ain, Aire, Aisne, Allagnon, Allan, Allier, Alzette, Alzou, Ance, Arc (Provence), Arc (Savoie), Ardèche, Argens, Ariège, Arly, Armançon, Arnon, Arrondine, Arros, Arroux, Arve, Arveyron, Aube, Aubette (Côte d'Or), Aubette (Rouen), Aubette de Magny, Aubette de Meulan, Aude, Aulne, Authie, Aveyron, Avre, Azergues, Baïse, Bar, Besbre, Beuvron, Bidasoa, Bièvre, Birsig, Blavet, Blies, Bourbeuse, Bramont, Bray-de-Lû, Braye, Bresle, Brévenne, Cailly, Canche, Carency, Célé, Cère, Chaise, Charente, Charentonne, Cher, Chiers, Clain, Clarence, Conie, Corrèze , Couesnon, Creuse, Crinchon, Cure

D - O
Deûle, Dives, Doller, Dordogne, Dore, Doron de Beaufort, Doubs, Dourbie, Drac, Drôme, Dronne, Durance, Eauette, Écaillon, Échez, Epte, Erclin, Erdre, Essonne, Eure, Flon, Furan or Furens, Gard/Gardon, Garonne, Gartempe, Gave de Pau, Gave d'Oloron, Gers, Gimone, Golo, Grand Morin, Hérault, Hers, Hirondelle, Huisne, Ill, Ille, Indre, Isère, Isle, Iton, Laquette, Lawe, Lède, Lémance, Leyre, Loing, Loir, Loire, Loiret, Lot, Loue, Lys, Madeleine, Maine, Marne, Marque, Mayenne, Meurthe, Meuse, Moselle, Nonette, Noye, Odet, Odon, Ognon, Oise, Orb, Orge, Ornain, Orne (Lorraine), Orne (Normandy), Ouche, Ourcq, Oust, Ouvèze, Ouysse, Ozanne

P - Z
Petit Morin, Puiseaux, Rance, Reyssouze, Rhine/Rhin, Rhône, Rhonelle, Risle/Rille, Robec, Romanche, Saar/Sarre, Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Nicolas, Sambre, Saône, Sarthe, Sauer, Sauldre, Saulx, Save, Scarpe, Scheldt/Escaut, Seille, Seine, Selle, Sélune, Semois/Semoy, Sensée, Seudre, Sèvre Nantaise, Sèvre Niortaise, Sioule, Somme, Souchez, Tarn, Tarnon, Tech, Têt, Thur, Tille, Touques, Trieux, Truyère, Ugy, Var, Vendée, Verdon, Vesle, Veules, Vézère, Viaur, Vidourle, Vienne, Vilaine, Vire, Volp, Yerre, Yèvre, Yonne, Yser, Yvette


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France Geography

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