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France River Boat Guide


Below is a map of the navigable waterways for France River Boats. You can rent a house boat and enjoy a France canal boat holiday. Here are the different regions. Below, the map is the email address of the BonjourLaFrance Partner who edits these Waterway Guides. They are very details and up to date. If you are planning a France River Cruise, this small investment will add large returns to your pleasurable French boat vacation.

  1. Brittany
  2. Loire Nivernais
  3. Burgundy, Franche-Comte
  4. Alsace, Lorraine
  1. Lot
  2. Charente
  3. Midi, Camargue, Aquitaine
  4. Champagne, Ile-de-France
  1. Rhone to Rhine Canal
  2. Pays de la Loire
  3. Burgundy, Nivernais


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