The wonders of the Regions of France. Thirteen marvels with their flavors and fragrances wafting you away to the bliss of a delightful vacation.

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Compact guide to over 94 places.

North-East: Three Regions – Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comte. The Hauts-de France is the Northern stunning cliffs at Cap Blanc Nez mix with chic elegant towns like Lille and Arras with their superb Flemish architecture breathes the region’s rich history. It’s where their ‘art de vivre’ slows down to enjoy the good things our...

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Compact guide to over 94 places.

North West: Four Regions – Normandie, Bretagne, Pays-de-la-Loire and Centre-Val de Loire Normandy is a perfect blend of coastal and inland culture, from the spectacular Mont St Michel up through La Manche county, across the Calvados and all the way to authentic Le Tréport in beautiful Seine- Maritime. Thee sea provides a fascinating landscape along...

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Compact guide to over 94 places.

South-East: Four Regions - Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur and Corse. The second most visited area in France. For many good reasons: A continuous stream of changing landscapes from glaciers and famous mountain peaks such as Mont Blanc to beautiful fields of lavender accompanied by the sounds of cicadas, from the vineyards of...

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Compact guide to over 94 places.

South West : Nouvelle Aquitaine. Diversity has always been one of the most important features of Aquitaine, contributing to its wealth. It can be seen in ethic and cultural terms (Bearn, Basque Country, Gascony, Perigord…), but its clearest manifestation is in the variety of landscapes: vast beaches bordered by dunes, vineyards, forests, mountains, lakes...

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Compact guide to over 94 places.

Heart of France: Ile-de-France – including Paris and its suburban departments. Widely popular for the diversity of its natural, heritage and cultural wealth, this destination offers visitors of all ages, from near and far, a wide choice of activities of all types, all year round. From ""eternal riches"" (monuments, museums, etc.) to the modernity and...

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Compact guide to over 94 places.


Popular destinations

These are the 'Top 10' that visitors flock to. They include the most visited monuments, museums and events. These are not just travel favorites they are the 'must-sees' in France. When you get home their pictures will make your friends envious. You’ll be able to say, ‘I was there’.

Ski and winter destinations

Your annual ski vacation starts here. Cosy ski resorts with kilometers of slopes for all skiing levels. First class hotels to self-service apartments… imagine sipping ‘chocolat chaud’ after an exhilarating day of downhill or cross-country skiing. France boasts the world’s largest ski area.

Historic culture

Follow in Dr Langdon’s Da Vinci Code footsteps, discover marvels 100s and 1000s of years old--Roman, Gothic and Renaissance treasures in abundance as you tour stained glass Churches, lavish Chateaux, Art Museums and sculptured Monuments. Memories of the past for your eyes and pleasure.

Beaches & gems

You need to break loose from that asphalt city. Then, the summer beach is a choice for that getaway rejuvenation. Sandy stretches underfoot, a dip in the warm waves, sun-bathing with a cool drink and a tasty baguette sandwich. Close your eyes ... isn't that just right.

Off the beaten track

You’re looking for some peace and quiet. Its time to head for the mountains or the countryside … during off-season. All the amenities and service but just for you. Refreshing walks and hikes or grueling climbing … France covers whatever you desire.

Hidden gems

You’re looking for an experience, a total change-of-pace getaway. France has it all. Look at this short list: Farm stays, white-water runs, mountain peak adventures, picturesque village hideaways, parachute, art or ‘whatever your fancy’ coaching, horse-drawn caravans, even mule treks …

BonjourLaFrance Recommends

  • Aix-en-Provence

    About Aix-en-Provence Built on hot springs around 16 miles (30km) north of Marseille, Aix-en-Provence is a chic and fascinating short break destination. It’s a city steeped in history, which you’ll immediately feel just walking around...

  • Avignon

    About Avignon: Once the seat of popes and the capital of the medieval world, Avignon is a truly enchanting destination on the banks of the River Rhône. Inside the fortified city walls, its rich heritage can be seen in the awesome...

  • Bordeaux

    About Bordeaux: Heaven for wine lovers. Bordeaux is the first urban area to be listed as World Heritage by UNESCO over such an extensive and complex perimeter. The heart of the capital of Aquitaine and the banks of the Garonne River have ...

  • Cannes

    About Cannes: Visit the millionaires’ playground. Cannes still treats visitors to much of the glitz and glamour of its 50s heyday. Endless sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and palatial villas all sit under deep blue Mediterranean skies....

  • Lyon

    About Lyon: The culture capital of the east. With museums, architecture, nightlife and great food – Lyon is a great choice for a short break. There’s a host of excellent museums and art galleries to check out. Like the Musee des...

  • Marne La Vallee

    About Marne La Vallee: The unmistakeable magic of Disneyland After a shaky start to life, Disneyland Resort Paris has now outstripped the Eiffel Tower as Paris’ most popular tourist attraction. Over 12 million people flood here every...

  • Marseille

    About Marseille: Lay anchor in marvellous Marseille. The teeming metropolis of Marseille is a true cultural melting pot. The city’s port has welcomed immigrants from across Europe and north Africa for thousands of years. There’s so...

  • Nice

    About Nice: Nice is a cosmopolitan city on the Côte d'Azur with a rich and fascinating history. It’s a desirable destination in its own right, with unique attractions such as the famous waterfront along the Promenade des Anglais, the...

  • Paris

    About Paris: Paris is the world capital of style and a great destination for a city break. Looking for culture? Spend the days exploring some of Europe’s finest art galleries like the Louvre and Musee Rodin. Architecture? The city...

  • Strasbourg

    About Strasbourg: As the capital of the Alsace region close to the border with Germany, Strasbourg is a blend of cultures. And this is reinforced in the present day, being the seat of many European institutions. Strasbourg’s long and rich ...

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Prestigious Parks & Gardens


Normandy is a horticultural heaven and boasts an extraordinary number of parks and gardens open to the public. A wide range of garden styles are displayed, from simple cottage gardens to grand, formal schemes via walled kitchen gardens, botanical ...

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Emotional Experience through D Day


D-Day and operation OVERLORD are often regarded as one of the most important operation of all time. The stretch of beach along the Calvados coast is world famous for the part it played in turning around World War II on the 6th of June 1944, when...

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Inspiring Scenery of Impressionism


You will truly find your own inspiration in scenery that captured the hearts of Turner, Monet, Sisley and many others in the 19th century. The breathtaking views, the unusual pearlized light and the stunning colors remain the same...

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Kir, Cheese, Desserts


The ‘Kir’© is Burgundian, let nobody tell you otherwise. It was invented by Canon Kir who for many years was Deputy Mayor of Dijon. The ‘invention’ brought together two local ingredients...Creme de Cassis (the blackcurrant liqueur...

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Cuisine Scene


Normandy is haute-cuisine heaven for food lovers and visitors seeking authentic culinary experiences. Famous for its dairy products, like butter, milk, cream and cheese, the region is also world wide renowned for its apples. Most restaurants...

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Burgundy Festivals


There’s been much talk of food and wine. Essential as they are to any holiday in Burgundy. Part of the art of good living and ‘richness’ of the region is the ambience and the festivals that make this such a colorful place to spend an entire ...

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