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Your Airline Baggage – Everything you should know before leaving to improve safety, comfort and punctuality levels.

Rules limit what you can carry in your hand luggage (checked luggage is unaffected) when departing
from EU airports. More stringent controls are in effect. This is especially important if travelling from
countries where more weight might be allowed.

airline luggage dimensions and tips














Liquids will only be allowed on board planes in small containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml.

“Liquids” cover gels, semi-solid materials (mascara among other items), lotions and the contents of pressurized containers such as: toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfumes, shaving foam, aerosols and all other articles of similar consistency.

They must then be packed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag(20 cm x 20 cm = about 8″ x 8″) like freezer bags.

Medicine and baby foods would be exempt as would drinks and perfumes bought at airport shops before boarding.

The new rules also specify that laptops and “other large electrical devices”, including radios and video cameras, will have to be taken out of your carry-on bags and screened separately. Jackets and coats will also have to be removed.

larger quantities of liquids can still be carried in checked-in luggage.

It would be wise to arrive early for flights :

Hold baggage : check your heavy, oversize items

Individual items may be no heavier than 32 kg each.

You need to inform your Airline when booking your ticket if you intend to travel with sports items such as surf boards or bikes.

Make sure your carry-on baggage complies with cabin acceptance standards

Know how to react

  • Never accept to carry the unidentified baggage of a third party.
  • Remove all old labels and tags and make sure your name and address are on the inside and outside of your baggage.

Air France, Your Airline Baggage Everything you should know before leaving to improve safety and comfort.

Your baggage allowance

The size of your baggage allowance depends on the product purchased and your destination. It is specified on your ticket or on your travel memo.

If your baggage is lost, destroyed or damaged

Air France’s maximum liability is SDR1.000 (approx, USD 1450) per passenger. The ceiling may be raised if you declared the exact value of your baggage and paid the additional fee before the latest check-in time.

Make sure your carry-on baggage complies with cabin acceptance standards

Keep valuables and anything fragile with you*

Size limit on hand luggage : 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (approximately 22×17.7×10 inches).

In addition to the hold baggage you check in, you are entitled to take one item of hand baggage + one personal item (eg. laptop, handbag/purse, camera) into the cabin provided they weigh no more than 12 kg.

For passengers traveling in l’Espace Premiere or l’Espace Affaires, two carry-on bags are allowed (including a garment bag provided they weigh no more than 18 kg in all.

126 cm (including wheels and handles)

* Maximum allowable dimensions (Length + width + height) : 126cm

It is advisable to keep any fragile items (china, bottles, paintings, computer equipment, etc.) or any valuables (money, identity papers, jewelry, cameras, medication, etc.) with you in the cabin.

Maximum allowable dimensions (Length + width + height) should not exceed 126cm

Please Note :

The lack of available space aboard means that stricter limits may be placed on the number of items of carry-on baggage allowed in the cabin. Similarly, if your baggage is too heavy or bulky it may not be allowed in the cabin and will be placed in the baggage hold instead.

Some governmental authorities may impose different rules for carry-on baggage. On flights from the USA, only on item of hand baggage and one personal item are permitted.

Points to remember

  • Check that your hand baggage is the right size using the baggage gauges provide adjacent to check-in desks
  • Your carry-on bags must be placed in the overhead baggage compartments or under the seat in front of you
  • Make sure you leave all cabin exits clear for rapid evacuation in an emergency

Items subject to special regulations*

*(list not exhaustive… consult your regular travel agent for details))

Food products (animals)

  • Strict import sanitary conditions apply to meat and milk and meat or dairy products being imported into the European Union. Check with your usual travel agent or the local health authorities

Edible oils

  • allowed in the cabin provided they are hermetically sealed and placed under the seat in front of you

Perfumes and aerosols

  • Allowed in the cabin or the baggage hold. Maximum weight : 2 kg or 2 items per person and 0,5 kg or 0,5 kg or 0,5 litre per item

Medical syringes

  • Syringes (with documents proof of medical need) are allowed in the cabin but disposal is your responsibility. Please do not leave them aboard the aircraft.

Permitted as checked baggage but prohibited in cabin

Air France Baggage rules - what is permitted as checked baggage but prohibited in cabin

Real or imitation knives and firearms (munitions in separate packaging)

  • Carried in the baggage hold only

Cartridges and munitions for hunting or sporting guns

  • Allowed in the baggage hold if properly packed in a rigid box. Maximum weight: 5 kg gross per passenger

These items are strictly forbidden on board aircraft

Air France baggage - These items are strictly forbidden on board aircraft

Gas, flammable liquids, explosives, corrosive and radio-active substances, magnetized objects, poisons, matches and lighters (selected destinations only) must never be in your possession or packed in your baggage.

Air France baggage - These items are strictly forbidden on board aircraft



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