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TER for regional outings and day-to-day transport in your favourite region of France.

5,000 TER stations and stops provide real-time traffic information, with passenger information screens installed at over 650 stops.


Bicycle on board:

With TER it’s eco-friendly, convenient—and free. Bring your bike aboard your TER train, and explore the delights of your region.

To top off TERs, imagine winding your way through lush landscapes, across picture-perfect mountains, or along a fascinating coastline in one of France’s legendary touring trains—La Ligne des Hirondelles, Le Tire-Bouchon or the Mont Blanc Express. In partnership with their respective regions, these unique lines take you on a journey through history and regional traditions promoting eco-tourism. There’s a choice of ten memorable journeys to explore these protected areas—reachable only by train.

Touring Trains:

10 regional lines—some open only in season, others all year round—carry you into landscapes steeping with history and overflowing with unspoiled natural beauty.
unique tours: Corsica’s Bastia-Ajaccio line between the mountains and the sea, the Vallée des Merveilles, Mont Blanc, Mont-Saint-Michel and the Dôle-St Claude line with its defying gorge-spanning viaducts. Truly exceptional train travel.

Booking TER Trains

When to book?

How to book?

For non French residents the easiest way to book France and European Rail is via the official secure websites established for this purpose. All the ‘Buy Now’ links to purchase rail tickets on BonjourLaFrance will direct you to the specific site for you country.

This has a number of advantages. Firstly, purchasing on such a site protects you from fraud and secondly these sites all have customer services in your language for your peace of mind. These services are accessible via the ‘help’ (or similar) links you’ll find on the respective sites.

Booking TER Service


TER has luggage areas for your bags next to your seat, overhead and at each end of your car for bigger bags. You should label them with your name and address.


Book your pet’s ticket when you book your own. You’re allowed up to two pets or two containers per person on all SNCF trains except Eurostar.

If your pet weighs less than 6 kg: She must travel in a bag or basket no larger than 45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm. Her fare is about €7 on TER trains

If your dog or other pet weighs more than 6 kg: Your dog must wear a muzzle during the entire journey. Her fare is 50% of the full 2nd class fare (even if you travel in 1st class) on TGV, Intercités and TER trains.
Pet-specific fares are available on other types of train.


France Train stations close at night when there is no train traffic, even in the major stations. You cannot spend the night in a train station.

There are separate information Boards (generally electronic) for Departures and Arrivals, they will have information if there is a delay. For Departures, look for ‘quai’ (platform). To get to a platform you might have to take a passageway UNDER the tracks, this will be indicated.

If you have limited time to change trains, just gather your belongings and wait beside the door to be the first off the train and then look for an information board to find your new train platform. If you ask, train agents can generally tell you the new platform.


There are no food services on board so bring a sandwich, beverages or a full picnic. Bon appetit.

Lost & Found

Lost property in stations and trains is kept for one month in the lost property office of the station in which the item was retrieved or the destination station for objects forgotten in the train. Perishable or dangerous substances are immediately destroyed.

You can draw up a declaration of loss online at:

If your object is found, you are informed of this by email or by phone, you can then retrieve it in the station where it was delivered or receive it at home if you wish.

For the return of your property, you will need to provide identification and pay a retrieval tax of 5€ or 10€ depending on the value of the object. Shipping expenses will also be charged if it is sent to your home.

If the object is not returned to the owner within a period of 1 month, it will be handed over to the Administration des Domaines (government department which manages state-owned land and property), disposed of to a charitable organization or destroyed.

Service Levels

Services Levels

Most TER trains have a single class: Second class. This is very comfortable for an enjoyable trip. A few have First class with two notable differences: the seats are a little wider and there there are fewer people.

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