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These partners offer private or residential lodgings in villas, bungalows or apartments. They're always furnished but towels, cleanup etc. could cost extra. Generally there are no food, entertainment or other services but this can vary.

HomeAway, Interhome and HolidayFrance offer hundreds of lodgings around France. They are dependable and you can count on a wonderful experience.

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Club Vacations is really a French concept created in 1950 by Club Med. To sum it up it's an 'all-in-one' (lodging, meals, entertainment) in a 'vacation village'. You are pampered from head to toe in one place. It's the ultimate in 'pay once - all inclusive' vacations.

Our partners below offer 'all-inclusive' vacations as well as 'mostly-inclusive'... where you can rent the lodging and then choose to add on any of the services you want. They are all well-established, excellent reputation holiday organizers for a top-notch experience.

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The concept of exchanging your home with someone you don't know is a fairly new idea that is now in a mature stage. With our partners both the homes and owners have been rated by their peers and are reliable and trustworthy.

Home Exchange really makes the idea of 'home away from home' come alive. All the knickknacks you have in your home are present ... sometimes even including a car.

Take a look at our partner selections in exotic places you'd love to visit. You will find your dream location and home.

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Tourradar and Great Rail Journeys provide top of the line hotel and corresponding lodgings ... but they do so much more.

This is the 'all-in-one-travel experience' where all the logistics including travel are handled with expertise. In addition, the added benefit, is the presence, throughout your holiday adventure, of an experienced affable guide who will take care of you as if you were family.

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