About Chambéry:

Over the years, Chambery with its rich history and unique heritage has become a popular tourist destination. Stroll around the streets of the historic centre of Chambery, once the capital of the state of Savoy and discover the quality of its hotels, restaurants, shops and much more.

It’s a city not only of interesting cultural experiences but also to discover its rich natural environments, ranging from the natural parks of the Bauges and Chartreuse areas, to its high quality vineyards, its lakes, and in particular Lake Bourget, the largest natural lake in France.

Chambéry is the historic capital of Savoie. It has been both Italian and French and lies in a lush valley in the Alps surrounded by mountain ranges, it is known as the “crossroads to the Alps” . Nearby is Lac du Bourget, the largest natural lake in France. Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man while living in Chambery.

Chambery is a charming place to visit with beautiful architecture, good food and wine, There are many vineyards you can enjoy, and each Saturday, the public market is filled with cheeses, meats, and local produce from the Alps.

You’ll find many recreational activities to choose from year round, from sailing and rock climbing to skiing and snowshoeing. Whether the purpose of your stay is business or leisure you will find a variety of amenities and activities.


What to do in Chambéry:

Medieval village:Chambery-medieval-cite-place-des-elephants



The medieval quarter of Chambery holds many well-preserved streets and alleys as well as monuments and boutiques.