• Charleville-Mezieres, Place Ducale

    Tthe most important square in Charleville-Mezieres

  • Charleville-Mezieres

    Pont d'Arches (Bridge of Arches) over the Meuse River

About Charleville-Mezieres:

Charleville-Mezieres is the twin town capital of the Ardennes. It is home of the Grand Marionnettiste clock, and hosts the biggest gathering of puppets on the planet. Every three years it pulls the city’s strings! And every July, there’s a puppet festival for children.

Four weekly markets (Place Ducale and La Ronde-Couture) are great sources not only of fresh food but beautiful handcrafted items.

What to do in Charleville-Mezieres:

Charleville-Mezieres: world capital of puppets:


The Festival has become the international reference and meeting place of the world of Puppetry Arts


Rimbaud Museum:


The city honors its poet by dedicating two sites. The seventeenth century mill  camped on an arm of the Meuse, now houses the Rimbaud Museum as well as the house where he grew up has become La maison des Ailleurs.