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About Lorient:

The Lorient area is a land of encounters in the heart of south Brittany. The fresh breezes blowing from the north-west and the warm winds coming up from the south meet here to create a landscape of contrasts, subtle plays of light and a climate that is undeniably mild: the Lorient area has always been a land of encounters.

Each year in August since 1970, Lorient hosts the Festival interceltique, bringing together artists from all the Celtic world (Brittany, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Galicia, Asturias, Australia, Acadia and Isle of Man). With 800,000 attendees it is one of the biggest festival in Europe by attendance.

Lorient has a history of boating-fare. Visit the largest U-boat base in Keroman from where Karl Dönitz, supreme commander of the U-boat Arm directed the blockade of Great Britain and the Atlantic submarine war from his headquarters in the Kernevel villa, just across the water from Keroman, in Larmor-Plage.

Lorient was the staging port during the 2011–12 Volvo Ocean Race and the starting point of la 2009 Solitaire du Figaro. The French mariner Eric Tabarly built three out of his six Pen Duick boats in Lorient.

Lorient is an amazing place of encounters. Here, granite lies alongside soft schist, the rivers have a distinct taste of salt and the quays still smell of spices and far-away places. Celtic cultures from all over the world meet here, as do famous navigators, the modern heroes of seafaring adventures, who moor their boats here. The inhabitants of a whole region have made a historical tragedy the source of authentic values: here, solidarity, friendship and hospitality are not vain words floating on a sea breeze.


What to do in Lorient:

Lorient yachting harbour:

lorient-marina-jpg1Stroll the yachts and soak up the marine air.