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About Saint-Jean-de-Luz:

Between the sea and the mountains, Saint-Jean-de-Luz –meaning St Jean of the Marshes–stretches around its superb sheltered bay. From the Pointe Sainte Barbe where nature has remained untamed, you have an extraordinary view of the whole Basque coast.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz has conserved its traditions as a fishing port. Nowadays it is tuna and sardine fishing that provides the town with its business activity. In the local gastronomy fish is also king: squid, piquillos (peppers) stuffed with cod, seafood, fish, shellfish, without forgetting ttoro, the famous fish stew with different secret recipes in each home. On the first weekend of September each year, the Ttoro Festival is a real treat for the taste buds.

The Basque town par excellence, Saint Jean de Luz is active all year long. The shops selling gourmet produce, decorative items and fashion wear are all highly tempting.


What to do in Saint-Jean-de-Luz:

Saint-Jean-de-Luz panorama:


Sun, fun and games on the beautiful sandy beach

Saint-Jean-de-Luz Church:


St.Jean-Baptiste Church interior with its three balconies