• Thiers

    Panoramic entry to this beautiful town

About Thiers:

Thiers, at the heart of the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park, cannot fail to seduce: narrow, often sloping streets, and ancient centre clinging to the mountain-side and above all a long and distinguished cutlery-making tradition.

The Cutlery Museum provides the visitor with the chance to discover seven centuries of heritage, the stages involved in the creation of cutlery and to admire pieces ranging from a simple shepherd’s cloak to gold and mother-of-pearl-encrusted Prince’s jewellery.

What to do in Thiers:

Musée de la Coutellerie:


The Thiers Cutlery Museum is more than a museum: it’s workshops revealing how cutlery was made. There’s also a covered outdoor site where you’ll learn all the history and art of knife making over the last 6 centuries, accompanied by an amazing collection of knives from the 16th century to today.


Vallée des Rouets – Valley of Spinning Wheels:


Surrounded by nature, two trails totaling 3 kms along the river Durolle allow visitors to follow in the footsteps of grinders, these artisans would lie on a board over their water-wheel to give the sharp edge to a blade. Their spinning wheels were gradually abandoned from the 1930’s but there is still one in action for your viewing pleasure.