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Like many of us, my discovery of Burgundy began in a car. Driving seemed to be the most easy way to get to and around this vast region

Years ago, on my earliest holiday visits to France, a drive
anywhere south of Calais was a tortuous affair with the drivers of Paris waiting to introduce me to the art of Latin motoring.

Now, with impressive autoroutes, the drive is easy on the
state of mind and fast. It is leisurely too, if this isn’t contradiction in terms, because the autoroute from Calais to Burgundy is generally so light with traffic, it is actually enjoyable.

I could have considered rail or plane. TGV super fast trains from London to Dijon, via Lille or Paris make this part of Burgundy within easy reach. Equally, if Paris is your entry
point into France, these fast trains operate to several destinations within the Burgundy region and make short
break holidays and weekends in Burgundy very easy.

But, my choice was to ‘take to the road’ and it seemed like
just a few hours from Calais. The A26 autoroute allowed
me to miss rush hour Paris as it completely bypasses the
city by a considerable distance.

And, after crossing the vast cereal fields of northern France, the scenery changed, quite suddenly. Rolling, thickly wooded hills became the welcoming landscape. ‘Dijon’ said the autoroute sign and my discovery of Burgundy awaited.

Coming to Burgundy


A5, A6, A31, A38, A39, A26, A36,
A40, A77


Paris > Dijon (1h40)
Paris > Beaune (2h10)
Paris > Le Creusot (1h20)
Paris > Mâcon-Loché (1h30)
Marseille > Mâcon (2h15)
Marseille > Chalon-sur-Saône (2h45)
Marseille > Dijon (3h20)
Montpellier > Mâcon (2h35)
Montpellier > Chalon-sur-Saône (3h05)
Montpellier > Dijon (3h40)
Lausanne > Dijon (2h20)
Brussels (via Lille) > Dijon (5h20)

Airport Dijon-Bourgogne

Aéroport Dijon-Bourgogne
Tel. +33 3 80 67 67 67
Fax +33 3 80 63 02 99
[email protected]

Nearest airports :
Paris/Charles de Gaulle (direct TGV link to Dijon, 1h55), Paris-Orly,
Lyons/Saint-Exupéry, Basle/Mulhouse,

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