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Troyes is a town at the crossroads of Europe and historical capital of Champagne. Troyes owes its prosperity to the markets of the Middle Ages and the prosperity of the Dukes of Champagne.

Today this ‘Town of Art and History’, whose historic quarters are laid out in the shape of a champagne cork, serves as the backdrop for magnificent half-timbered town houses, which have remained unscathed since the Middle Ages. Blessed with exceptional artistic heritage, Troyes has always had a special relationship with its artists and craftsmen.

This is clear from the many museums found in the town, as varied as they are original, and the masterpieces of the town’s nine listed churches and cathedral. History is everywhere, in the narrow paved streets, in the facades of the half-timbered houses, in the exceptional stained-glass windows which proudly adorn the town’s churches, and in the sumptuous draper of its 16th-century statuary.

Discover the church of Sainte Madeleine, with its remarkable stained-glass windows, or step inside the church of Saint Pantaleon, home to some sixty statues of the Troyes School.

The Musee de l’Outil et de la Pensee Ouvriere, housed in the magnificent Renaissance Hotel Mauroy, pays a fine tribute to the manual trades and craftsmen, through its rare collection of 25,000 tools and 35,000 books.

This town where commerce continues to thrive is, among other things, Europe’s largest centre for factory shops.

Troyes possesses an irresistible aura thanks in particular to its town houses. Bus also the carefully restored well, the cobblestone winding roads, lined with half-timbered houses, its finely-decorated wooden doors, its museums filled with local and original heritage, its apothecary, its restaurants where one can enjoy local cooking like none other, all are equally attractive and captivating.

They will certainly not leave you unmoved. From the wine cellars to the historic sites, you will be charmed away as time fleets by. And should modern life take its hold on you again, then make the most of the commercial areas in the region. After having been spiritually and emotionally filled, you will also find it difficult to resist all your desires in more down-to-earth nourishment!

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