North East France

North East France guides:

North-East: Three Regions – Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comte.

The Hauts-de France is the Northern stunning cliffs at Cap Blanc Nez mix with chic elegant towns like Lille and Arras with their superb Flemish architecture breathes the region’s rich history. It’s where their ‘art de vivre’ slows down to enjoy the good things our environment offers us. It’s also a place of remembrance where museums and monuments stand as testimonies to WWI.The Grand-Est is sprinkled with wine routes and Romanesque routes. You’ll fine nature, from orchids to storks, the creativity of glassware and stained glass, not to forget the magic of an Alsatian Christmas. This region boasts lovely countryside including the world famous champagne vineyards in and around Reims.

There are also forests, rivers, the Vosges mountains and several large towns including Strasbourg, Metz and Nancy. Burgundy conjures up an image of rich red, obviously, it is the wine that gives us the color but a visit here is one huge ‘learning curve’ of history, heritage, food and, of course, wine. The scenery, and what the French call ‘the nature’ is witnessed by rolling, thickly wooded hills and sauntering waterways which become the landscape.