The Heart of France

The Heart of France guides:

Heart of France: Ile-de-France – including Paris and its suburban departments

Widely popular for the diversity of its natural, heritage and cultural wealth, this destination offers visitors of all ages, from near and far, a wide choice of activities of all types, all year round. From “”eternal riches”” (monuments, museums, etc.) to the modernity and vitality of its cultural creativity: fashion, design, architecture and contemporary art and so much more.

We could mention a long list of Museums, Churches and Monuments like the Louvre or Sacred Heart Basilica in in Montmartre but there are also plenty of jewels to discover like the covered shopping passages, the Catacombes, Cemeteries where some world-famous people are buried, the Bike Museum…

So, whether it’s culture, sports events, theatre, kids activities or just ‘quartier hopping’, wandering around the variegated quarters of vibrant Paris, there are constant events of all flavors to partake in while in the Ile-de-France.