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Find a Train Schedule and Book a Train in France and Europe

Enter your DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL localities, your travel date and time below, Click on FIND TRAINS to view real-time train schedules, travel times, options and itineraries (direct or with intermediary stops). Tickets can generally be purchased 90 days prior to departure and the earlier you purchase, the lower the price. Bonjourlafrance offers all French and European train tickets for purchase worldwide.

By clicking on the BOOK A TRAIN NOW button you are assured of obtaining real-time schedules, PRICES (including discounts) and travel times, based on your choice of date and time, for France and European Train Tickets and Passes. You'll be directed to a page for SECURE PURCHASE in your country with client service generally in your language and/or French or English.

Main European Train Stations

Find train station information using:

  1. The menu on the right, just select the one you want.
  2. The map below, just click on the icons.

Rail Passes

Rail Passes are for individuals, couples, families or groups who intend to visit numerous locations during their stay. If you’re taking the train on numerous days to cover unlimited distances then consider a train pass rather than point-to-point tickets. There...

Travelling Around Paris

Paris has a very sophisticated train and bus system to whisk you around the capital and its suburbs. If you are travelling on a budget and for pleasure... this is the way to go. Hop on the Metro to whizz off to the many sites to visit.